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Earth Drill Range: For Excavators 4.5T to 8T

Earth Drill Range: For Excavators 4.5T to 8T

The Earth Drills 5,500 MAX, 7,000 MAX and 8,000 MAX are the perfect choice for small excavators between 4.5T-8T.

Like all planetary drives in our line-up they are over engineered and built to last, giving you the same versatility, peace of mind and product quality you’d expect from all Auger Torque products. Developed to work with all makes and models of parent machine, and complemented with a range of attachments, you will find an earth drill and attachment for your every need. With the versatility to easily switch between attachments depending on the job at hand, you can be sure that your Auger Torque Earth Drill will deliver, time and again. The Auger Torque 2-Way Valve is an optional extra on this series of Earth Drills and will enable you to convert a single acting hammer circuit into 2-way auxiliary flow.

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