Earth Drill Range: For Excavators 21T to 45T

Earth Drill Range: For Excavators 21T to 45T

The Earth Drill 48000-80 is the perfect choice for excavators between 21T- 45T.

High quality hydraulic motors, output shaft bearings which are 50% larger than our competitors, the use of only high-grade materials and the latest manufacturing techniques mean that these earth drills will give you the reliable service life you need. A 2-Way Valve is an optional extra on this series and enables you to convert a single acting hammer circuit into 2-way auxiliary flow. An optional Pressure Relief Valve is available, to safeguard your investment by protecting the hydraulic motor from backpressure and hydraulic pressure spikes. High quality hoses come as standard. Hydraulic quick couplers are not included as we recommend direct plumbing to avoid flow restriction and to ensure optimal performance.


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