Drum Cutter

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Drum Cutter

The drum cutter range is designed to work on a wide range of excavators (2-60T).

They are an ideal attachment for rocky terrain excavation trenching and surface scaling in the most adverse terrain conditions. Coupled with multiple drum configurations, our drum cutters ensure high performance, maximum productivity and value add to our customers.


  • Scaling of rock and concrete walls
  • Tunnel Excavation
  • Trenching in extreme grounds
  • Loosen hard rock ground effectively
  • Under water trenching up to 25m
  • Tunnel excavation
  • Mining operations


    Carrier Weight2 - 4 t4 - 6 t6 - 8 t8 - 15 t15 - 20 t20 - 30 t30 - 35 t35 - 45 t45 - 60 t
    Product Length28 inch*28 inch*28 inch*33 inch*38 inch*43 inch*43 inch*43 inch*53 inch*
    Drum Dimensions (Width x Diameter)20x13 inch*20x13 inch*20x13 inch*25x15 inch*30x22 inch*35x24 inch*35x24 inch*47x30 inch*55x30 inch*
    Connecting Plate (Width x Length)13x12 inch*13x12 inch*13x12 inch*16x19 inch*21x20 inch*24x26 inch*24x26 inch*29x31 inch*29x31 inch*
    Weight Approx.551 lb551 lb551 lb926 lb1874 lb3086 lb3219 lb5622 lb6173 lb
    Nominal Power24 hp24 hp30 hp40 hp60 hp80 hp121 hp161 hp188 hp
    Max. Torque1719 ft-lb1719 ft-lb3503 ft-lb5812 ft-lb7368 ft-lb10068 ft-lb17812 ft-lb26700 ft-lb32158 ft-lb
    Oil Flow12.7 gpm13.2 gpm15.9 gpm23.8-30.4 gpm26.4-44.9 gpm37 gpm63.4-89.8 gpm79.3-132.1 gpm95.1-158.5 gpm
    Operating Pressure3118/2611 psi3118/2611 psi3118/2611 psi3263-2611 psi2901/2611 psi3481-2901 psi3046/2611 psi2973/2611 psi3263/2758 psi
    Pic Force16-26.6 kN16-26.6 kN16-26.6 kN23-40 kN32-36 kN44.5 kN39.3 kN78 - 95 kN115 kN
    Cutting Width19.6 inch19.6 inch19.6 inch24.8 inch29.5 inch35.4 inch35.4 inch47.2 inch55 inch
    *Excavating & demolition drum

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